High definition

James Cameron has updated information on the upcoming sequel to ” Avatar .”
** Do not worry, work in full swing : is the development of new software, scripting controlled and parallel invented new landscapes and their flora and fauna . ** Cameron also tormented by the question , whether he be afoot with high definition High Frame Rate 3D.

Word maestro : “We are still in the earliest stages . Currently developing software. I’m writing a script. All together come up with any new creatures, characters and locations . By directing I have not started , but supervise all the processes that are required for the start of production . All while at the highest level . I think it will very effectively . See new worlds , their inhabitants and their culture. Conflict between prone to dominate the human race and the Na’vi , preferring to be a part of the world around them , will remain our main topic, but we will provide it in a different way than in the first film . ”

“We think the use of high-definition format – continues Cameron . – I learn its capabilities. Final decision whether all filmed in this format or we confine individual episodes unavailable. We’re going to shoot in the resolution 4K, and by the time we’re done , there should be many cinemas, currently supporting 4K ».

Directed thrilled with the unlimited possibilities of the world of “Avatar” and says that there may implement any of their ideas and thoughts . We remind you that the new “Avatar” , the second to fourth will go rolling three consecutive years , from 2016 -th. Producers formally signed until only three litsedeya – Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang . The latter, apparently waiting for a high-tech resurrection.

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The fifth power

In the era of internet technology generation heroes can become the most ordinary programmers . Worldwide fame in this direction have Tsukerberk Mark (founder of Facebook ) , the creator of Google – Michael Breen and many druie . Their life examples filmed a lot of movies . Today we’ll discuss the controversial founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange , whose role in the movie ” The Fifth Power” performed Benedict Cumberbatch .

Plot: Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit – Berg founded the website WikiLeaks, which laid out in the open access sensitive information. At first, they are amazed that they have published information leads to a banking crisis in Iceland. The world’s leading media – The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Spiegel support WikiLeaks. But U.S. intelligence did not like the fact that their sensitive data fall into the Internet, and between Assange and Domscheit – Berg is a disagreement .

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch – Julian Assange , Daniel Bruhl – Daniel Domscheit – Berg, Laura Linney – Sarah Shaw, David Thewlis – Nick Davies, Carice van Houten – Birgitta Jónsdóttir , Alicia Vikander – Anke Domscheit – Berg , Peter Capaldi – Alan Rusbridger , editor of The Guardian, Stanley Tucci – James Boswell, Anthony Mackie – Sam Coulson and others.

Slogan – ” All secrets will be revealed “, the original name of the film “The Fifth Estate”.
The original version of the film’s title was : “The man who sold the world » («The Man Who Sold the World»). Movie is directed by Bill Condon , known audience for the films ” Twilight . Saga . Breaking Dawn : Part 1 and 2″ .
Filming began in Iceland, a small island of volcanic origin, on the edge of the Arctic. This place could not be recreated anywhere else. Against the background of the so-called Blue Lagoon ( scenic landscape with a frozen river of lava cooled and active geysers ) shot one of the scenes of strife heroes Cumberbatch and Bruhl , despite the deafening howling winds and nearly horizontal rain . Assange was originally considered for the role of Jeremy Renner , and the role of Domscheit – Berg – James McAvoy .
Julian Assange himself , having read the original script , took the idea of ​​the film negative and described as ” a pack of lies ” and ” propaganda “, in particular due to the fact that in the script there were hints of Iran’s nuclear development . Assange refused to meet with Benedict Cumberbatch , but then entered into correspondence with him by e -mail that has helped Cumberbatch in the work on the role.
The world premiere took place on 5 September at the Toronto International Film Festival . In wide release tape released on October 18 , and in the Russian cinema film appeared on October 24. The budget of the film was 28 million , and global fees until barely passed for 3 million.

Website WikiLeaks – an international social networking site , which has to anonymously redaktirovat article. Resource famous for that it appeared reports about the leak of information and all kinds of private scandalous documents of governments and intelligence agencies , as well as correspondence with diplomats incriminating details.

Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971 in Australia – an online journalist and broadcaster , founder of WikiLeaks. In the large volumes released top-secret material on spy scandals , corruption in the highest echelons of power , war crimes and mysteries of great power diplomacy . Until today, Assange never officially charged with any charges. Swedish police say that just wants to question Assange to clarify the circumstances of the case. Official representatives of the Embassy of Ecuador , where Assange was granted political asylum and lived for more than a year , offered the Swedish police to question Assange at the embassy , but were refused without explanation.

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Avatar 2 underwater

The action of “Avatar 2” will take place under water
The success of the first part of the picture has generated a lot of fans . Director James Cameron has once again proved his skills , hence the continuation should be better not to omit a given bar.
On the continuation of the picture Picture are already in full operation. Release the picture on the screen in the 2015 plan . Director James Cameron said that shooting the sequel will take place including underwater with modern technology 3D motion capture. Cameron will be the pioneer in this field. The essence of technology is that the camera captures the reflected signals from the marker .
In addition to the technology in “Avatar 2″ and ” Avatar 3 ” may be applied technology for higher frame rates – HFR. This technology was oprovobava in the movie “The Hobbit .” Cameron thinks this picture of one of the most successful , including thanks to the latest technology survey. For the filming of this movie will be using a lot of different chips , including adjustable floor and much more.
Also planned to use the new sound system. According to Cameron’s focus still needs to be accented than on special effects and films on the story and emotion. Technology is whatever date they were not able to pass a full 3D, while it can only 2,5 D technology.

James Cameron’s partner in writing the script for the second part of “Avatar ” will be Josh Friedman, known for his work on the subjects of “War of the Worlds” ( Steven Spielberg ) , ” Black Dahlia ” (Brian De Palma ) and the TV movie ” Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles .”

As is known , the effect of “Avatar 2” will unfold in the underwater world , where to move the surviving inhabitants of Pandora . To vividly and truthfully depict life under water blue men , Mr. Cameron even down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench ( the deepest trench in the world , located in the Pacific) .

In addition, the main actors – and it again Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana – actively exploring the deep water swimming. In the picture to them again join Sigourney Weaver.

As in the first “Avatar ” , Mr Cameron is going to capture the imagination of viewers technical advancements without computer graphics will not do , but , as the authors of the picture , to simulate the feelings that the person on the cover depth is not possible, and therefore – all the actors will appear in special tanks filled with water. And then have their picture will be further developed by experts on the chart.

Meanwhile , the studio 20th Century Fox has officially confirmed that James Cameron will present three films from the life of “Avatar .”

In addition to “Avatar 2” , which is scheduled for 2016 , will work on two more paintings , which releases are scheduled for 2017 and 2018. As reported by the director himself , have already formed some idea of ​​what will be the story in the third and fourth parts . The audience will learn the background of Pandora , biography and origin of the tribes will see what were the first expedition to Pandora . Probably the work of all the films of the series will go in parallel.

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Vin Diesel: “I have fulfilled the promise and revived Riddick ‘

At a press conference dedicated to the exit in the world rolled sci-fi thriller ” Riddick ,” the actor and producer Vin Diesel answered the journalists’ questions.

Now that the ” Riddick ” is released in proctitis, you want to move on or have an even greater desire to continue working on this franchise and all the films in the genre of science fiction ?

“I would love to work with science fiction yet . We with studio Universal planned a very interesting project in this genre -” Soldiers of the Sun “. You asked a good question, because recently I myself have thought about it . Fact I have always regarded the franchise ” Riddick ” as a developing mythology and, in imagination the following films . and yes, it seems to me that when she appeared in the film , I replied to the request of fans. Actually , I have done or nearly completed 3 promises made in social networks: Letty returned ( Michelle Rodriguez ) to what people asked for four and a half years ago , raised Riddick and his mythology , and removed the ” Hannibal ” – a promise I’m not completely fulfilled , but be sure to do it . ”

How hard were you combine the work of the actor and producer in the same project ?

“I’m trying to create an atmosphere in which , coming to the set , we all turn into our characters . When you’re on the court, everything should revolve around your character , and you concentrate to the maximum. Each actor’s own approach , but as for me, I should be very composed. So, if I’m on the site and got used to the role , I do not think as a producer . If I looked at the site and is not busy in the scene itself , is not wearing a suit, not in makeup , then I I can already act as a producer . During this time I was quite tricky because if our efforts were in vain , I would have lost the house . All I earned in my life , I have invested in the production of this film. stakes were really high and I really wanted to answer the call of fans stories about the revival of Riddick , so the only way in which I would be able to carry out this project – to take a loan against the house . ”

You fight with Dwayne Johnson in ‘ Fast and the Furious 5 ” and with Dave Batista in ” Riddick ” . How are they in comparison?

“First of all I want to say that Dave Batista is magnificent. I remember when he came in to audition , I immediately felt his potential . At the time, I just finished working with Dwayne Johnson in ‘ Fast and the Furious 5 ” , so I knew that with wrestlers can arrange a grand performance . I was sure of it . first fight scene between me and Batista was not like Dwayne . Level choreography was the same , but in order to take a similar scene in ” Fast and the Furious 5 ” we needed a week . Duane and any other will tell you that it was one of the toughest scenes we ‘ve ever shot , because it was involved not only the physical component . this scene was a lot of emotion, and emotion is added stress and tension. The scene is the fight between me and Batista was funny , but she did not claim anything super – serious. ”

David Twohy says he wants to shoot two more films about Riddick . Do you want it?

“Tell David that he give me the damn script right now . It was late , I was waiting for it yesterday .”

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Evil Dead: The Black Book

Evil Dead: The Black Book
I think that many fans know the legendary horror trilogy “Evil Dead.” This year Bezbashenny Bruce Campbell decided to remake the film has produced in 1981, in which he played the title role. The new film “Evil Dead: The Black Book” has put director Federico Alvarez. Premiere in the world and Russia will be held April 5, 2013.

Plot: Mia – a young girl trying to get rid of the drug, which is sent with his friends, David, Olivia, Eric and Natalie in a country house, located in a deep forest. In the basement of the old cottage heroes discover Book of the Dead, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. After reading a few lines, they awaken an ancient evil of this land. The dead rise from their graves, who crave human flesh. Now the teens must escape the clutches of a mad zombie. But where to go from this hell?

Cast: Jane Levy – Mia, Shiloh Fernandez – David, Jessica Lucas – Olivia, Lou Taylor Pucci – Eric, Elizabeth Blackmore – Natalie and others.

Details: Slogan – “It is not stopped,” title “Evil Dead”, Russian distributors have decided to give the name of a more sinister kind, and perhaps to distinguish it from the original film. Recall that the first movie came out in 1981 and already with a budget of 350,000 dollars at the box office earned 2.5 million, which in those days was a phenomenal amount. After the success came two sequels (“Evil Dead 2” in 1987 and “The Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness” in 1992.), But the sequels have gone from a little dark horror themes and became more comedy. For the director’s first work of art “full size”, previously it had only shorts. If you add up the first letters of the five main characters, you get the word DEMON. Filming took place from April to June 2012 in Detroit and Oakland. First film was presented on March 9 at the film festival SXSW. Also on the first night it was announced that work on the sequel have already started. And now, at the ongoing WonderCon `s Campbell himself has confirmed his participation in the future film, but only on condition that the current draft otobet its 15 million budget.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2
Here, at last, and got to the screen fiction thriller about super-soldiers – «GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra – 2 “. The film is a continuation of the movie in 2009, which, in turn, was based on the characters of children’s toys. Starring in the film performed Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis harsh and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. World premiere on 28 March 2013.

Synopsis: The team G.I. Joe comes into conflict with the villainous group Zartana, Storm Shadow and Fayrflaya that serve recently released from prison Cobra Commander. Zartan, formerly “pretended” President of the United States, now controls the government and operatives GI Joe substitutes as traitors and terrorists. The organization’s purpose antagonists – with nuclear weapons to reduce human population on earth to rule the survivors. The main part of the team of the main characters die, but survived to thwart Cobra. They start a secret operation called “Second American Revolution” in their plans to return to the head of the legendary GI Joe – General Joseph Colton.

Cast: Channing Tatum – Duke (Conrad Hauser), Bruce Willis – General Joseph Colton, Dwayne Johnson – Roudblok (Marvin Hinton), DJ Cothron – Flint (Deshiel Feyrborn), Lee will – Storm Shadow (Thomas Arashikidzh) Adrianne Palicki – Lady Jay (Alison Hart-Burnett), Ray Park – Snake Aes, Jonathan Pryce – The U.S. President, Ray Stevenson – Firefly and others.

Details: The original name of the film – GI Joe: Retaliation, which translates as “Retribution.” In 2009, after the successful premiere of the film “Cobra” deputy chairman of the studio Paramount Pictures Rob Moore said that the sequel will be developed. Stephen Sommers was originally going to return as director sequel, but Paramount Pictures refused him, and in February 2011 announced that the sequel srezhissiruet John Zhu. Filming began in August 2011 in the state of Louisiana. In November, during the manufacturing process the death of one of the participants in the project, engaged in a sound installation. Premiere was scheduled for June 29, 2012, but a month before the release of Paramount made a willful decision to postpone painting until the spring of 2013. However, in all theaters already twisted trailer sci-fi thriller, and toys “based on” were about to go on sale. The reason for the transfer officially sounded – konevertatsiya in 3D, but they say that the real problem was in the character of Channing Tatum, who was killed in the complication pattern. After the display test pattern became known that the audience is very pretty this hero. Therefore, the circumstances of the film concerning the disappearance of the protagonist has been changed – the studio to reshoot a few scenes before rewriting the script. The budget of the film was 190 million dollars.

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Emergency call

Emergency call
New dramatic thriller directed by Brad Anderson’s “Emergency Call” will soon appear on the screens. Starring in the film performed Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin. World premiere on 15 March 2013, and the Russian people will be able to see the tape on the day before – March 14, 2013.

Plot: The story of a woman who alone trying to find and rescue the victim maniac. Jordan Turner has been a dispatcher in the rescue service and every day takes a lot of calls from various people in distress. Once heard a call that of millions of others meant for her. It turns out that the maniac has kidnapped teenager Casey, but she miraculously managed to get through to the emergency services from the trunk of the car. Jordan and Casey are constantly in touch to locate the girl, but the phone battery loses its charge. The heroine will have to face the ghosts of the past and their own nightmares to hostage survived.

Starring: Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut, Michael Eklund, Michael Imperioli, David Otunga, Justina Machado, José Zúñiga, Roma Maffei, Evie Thompson and others.

Details: Slogan – “Of the 188 million calls, that meant it personally”, the original title of the film “The call”, which can be translated as the “Ring.” Halle Berry was taken on a major role when the film director Joel Schumacher was still. Schumacher then left the project and was replaced by Brad Anderson. Berry was forced to withdraw from his role because of the inconsistency of filming schedules, but after moving the release date of the film, she did return. Directed by Brad Anderson, known for staging such films and TV series like “The disappearance of the 7th Street”, “Machinist,” “Fringe” and more. In July 2012 Halle Berry was taken to the hospital after hitting his head on the concrete at the wrong fall while filming chase scenes. The budget of the film was $ 15 million.

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Jack – the conqueror of the giants

Jack - the conqueror of the giants
Directed by Bryan Singer, known for work on the film “X-Men”, “X-Men – 2” and “Superman Returns” is his new big-budget blockbuster “Jack – the conqueror of giants.” This fantasy adventure film is based on fairy tales “Jack – Giant Killer” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Premiered in the U.S. took place on 1 March 2013. In Russia, the film will be released March 21, 2013.

Plot: An ancient war again erupted when a young farmer Jack accidentally opens the entrance to our world a terrible race of giants. After going down to Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim his world they once lost, forcing the young man to join Jack in the main battle of his life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom, its people and the love of a brave princess Isabella, he comes face to face with insurmountable war that he thought that they exist only in legends and has a chance to become a legend himself.

Starring: Nicholas Hoult – Jack, Eleanor Tomlinson – Princess Isabella, Stanley Tucci – Lord Roderick (advisor of the king), Bill Nighy and John Kassir – two-headed giant, Fallon, Ewan McGregor – Elmont (head of the king), Ian McShane – King Bramwell and others.

Details: Slogan – “If you think you know this story, but you do not know Jack.” The original name of the film “Jack the Giant Slayer”, which is equivalent to the original fairy tale “Jack – the killer of giants.” Filming began on 12 April 2011 in the British countryside. In May 2011, the film’s production was moved to Somerset, and within two weeks of shooting took place in Wales, cheddar, secret places of the county and close to Wells Cathedral. Also in May to film scenes in the Forest of Dean. Later that same month, the shooting took place in Norwich near Norwich Cathedral. Aaron Johnson and Anayrin Barnard auditioned for the role of Jack. Considered for the role of Isabella Adelaide Kane, Lily Collins and Juno Temple. Originally planned to premiere on June 15, 2012. A similar pattern has been withdrawn in 1962. The budget of the film was a solid $ 195 million, but so far unsuccessfully picture appears in worldwide box office and was able to make so far only 67 million.

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To dilute the holiday and spring mood distributors have prepared a special gift – the cinema goes Spanish-Canadian horror film “Mother.” The director of a film about a mother avenging demon was Andres Musketti. Starring in the film performed Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The world premiere of the film took place January 18, 2013, in Russia, is scheduled for March 7, 2013.

Plot: A young couple, Annabel and Lucas encounters a strange thing: they find in the woods two nieces, a young man who went missing five years ago and during that time lived in the woods in an empty house. Girls pursuing a sinister spirit – the ghost believes that the mother of the children. Annabelle, in turn, plans to take advantage of this paranormal situation to return to the life of their dead children …

Starring: Jessica Chastain – Annabelle, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – Lucas / Jeffrey, Megan Charpente – Victoria, Isabelle Nelissen – Lily, Daniel Cash – Dr. Dreyfuss, Javier Botet – Mom and others

Details: Slogan – “Do not ever leave you”, the film was based on the eponymous short film Musketti, his debut big project. Musketti has also written the script for the film. Executive producer made amateur horror and dark fantasy notorious Guillermo del Toro, his influence is felt from the first frame of movie: grim situation, midtones, and incredibly audioustrasheniya selected moments for the viewer. The film was shot over three months – from October to December 2011. Initially, the filmmakers ‘Mama’ planned to release a picture of the market in October 2012, on the eve of Halloween. The budget of the film was $ 15 million, and the global gathering crossed the 100 millionth milestone. Released on DVD and Blu-Ray is expected May 23, 2013.

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New strong American thriller – “Elusive” tells about the events that took place in an alternate reality in which Korea attacked the United States. The main role played by Chris Hemsworth. The world premiere took place on 27 September 2012, and the Russian audience will see the film March 14, 2013.

Plot: A Marine Ekhert Jed went into the service vacation home in a small town in Washington State. After a few days on the East Coast of the United States unexpectedly invading forces of North Korea – Asian soldiers armed with high-power weapons, so the U.S. Army was unable to resist. The protagonist organized guerilla resistance squad “Wolverine”, which is engaged in the sabotage activities of boys and eight girls. Their goal – to undermine the position of the enemy in their native land and prevent the onset of World War III.

Starring: Chris Hemsworth – Jed Eckert, Josh Peck – Matt Eckert, Josh Hutcherson – Robert Kitner, Adrianne Palicki – Tony Walsh, Isabel Lucas – Eric Martin, Connor Cruise – Darryl Jenkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Sergeant Major Andrew Tanner Edwin Hodge – Danny Jackson, Brett Cullen – Tom Eckert, Alyssa Diaz – Julie Goodyear and others.

Details: The slogan – “No retreat, no surrender”, the original name of the film – “Red Dawn”, which translates as “Red Dawn.” It is interesting that this picture is a remake of the film in 1982 with Charlie Sheen in the title role. In the original film to the United States invaded the Soviet Union – at that time was the height of the Cold War, so the subject is relevant. But in the modern history of the Soviet Union has been replaced by more modern ideological enemy of the United States – North Korea. Filming began in September 2009 in the mountains of Mount Clemens, Michigan. In the story the enemy of the U.S. was supposed to be in China, the rights of the Asian superpower. Originally premiere was scheduled for late 2010, but the release was delayed due to financial problems the studio MGM. The budget of the film was $ 65 million for the first weekend of picture has collected 14.6 million dollars at the box office, and total charges in the United States amounted to $ 39 million. The film was nominated for a “Razzie” in the category “Worst sequel, remake or rip-off.”

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